UNCOVERING YOUR WHY With a newfound perspective that gives way to inner peace and compassion,  with the empowerment and fearlessness to let our “weirdness” out into the world, we  now have to remember our WHY. It’s a question that I feel could change the world. Our “why” could be so simple — to create love on this planet and share our weirdness in a way that can heal or inspire or delight! The beauty here is that lives can change in all those little moments. You don’t have to

REDEFINING YOUR WEIRDNESS We are all born equal but we are also uniquely and divinely crafted. We are incredibly and exquisitely different. There was a time when we fully accepted ourselves. As children, we naturally opened up and let a bit of our “weirdness” out. Until somewhere along the way, someone told us: “No, put that away. You are weird and I don’t like it.” (Maybe not in those words but you get the point.) We were REJECTED. Put your weirdness away. You will be accepted if you’re just

EXPANDING YOUR PERSPECTIVE In the grand scheme of the Universe, the only thing certain is that nothing lasts forever. Evolution forges on, planets continue their mundane journey around the sun, stars explode, new life is born. Everything in the Universe is impermanent yet there is this overpowering need to cling onto things for security. For some reason, it seems hard to remember that we don’t survive life. In the end, no one gets out alive. Everyone and everything will inevitably disappear. All institutions and governments, laws and policies, power and