Part 1/3: Reflections for the New Year


In the grand scheme of the Universe, the only thing certain is that nothing lasts forever.

Evolution forges on, planets continue their mundane journey around the sun, stars explode, new life is born. Everything in the Universe is impermanent yet there is this overpowering need to cling onto things for security.

For some reason, it seems hard to remember that we don’t survive life. In the end, no one gets out alive. Everyone and everything will inevitably disappear. All institutions and governments, laws and policies, power and delusion of power, countries and borders, religion, race, gender, age… These are all man-made concepts and they will all change, evolve, and eventually fade. Yet we cling to such labels out of fear of something.

The question is: What are we so busy trying to protect and put a name to?

So scared have we become of facing the reality that nothing is within our control that we spend our lives desperately trying to control as many things as we can.

Often, we try to conform to the ideals of the world to find security. To fit in. To try to make some sense of this vast and unpredictable Universe. I wonder if this also causes us to miss out on something deeper than what we can see with our naked eyes or feel with our ever-changing emotions. Could there be some fine print we skimmed over while trying to comprehend the great spiritual books and laws of the Universe?

Sadly, many of us have taken the words of wise teachers and profound leaders, then used them to make us right and others wrong. Labeling things and people as “good” or “bad” to create some semblance of “order.” Amidst all this one-dimensional thinking, I can’t help but wonder if we are missing the full spectrum of what it means to be truly human.


Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if we took a moment to re-read the fine print and re-think the way we live. The way we pray. The way we work. The way we connect.

With this perspective of a great, big, impermanent Universe, I think there is a way to open our minds from the lie that “this is just the messed up violent world we live in.” Maybe the world is exactly how we choose to see it. We can take the miracles and make them rewards. We can see the suffering and make it punishment. We can look at whatever piece of heaven that is the world and make it our hell because our lenses are only focusing on all the imperfect.

If we could just take a step back from all of these, life can be exactly what it is and happen exactly as it so wishes to unfold. The choice is ours. How do we view the things that happen around us?

I wish more people could experience that no matter what happens to you, no matter how life flows around you — you are okay. You have the power to let everything be and focus on the fact that you will move forward, no matter what.

Peace is found through empowerment. Owning that power within us to not judge life as it happens. But at the same time, to know that we have the choice and power to change anything at any time. From this, we find our inner peace. We sit, centered, while the world swirls around us with all its feelings and emotions, rules and conventions. We can then simply make the deliberate effort to let go of the world “as it is” and make space to create something inside us that can positively benefit mankind.