Part 3/3: Reflections for the New Year


With a newfound perspective that gives way to inner peace and compassion,  with the empowerment and fearlessness to let our “weirdness” out into the world, we  now have to remember our WHY.

It’s a question that I feel could change the world. Our “why” could be so simple — to create love on this planet and share our weirdness in a way that can heal or inspire or delight! The beauty here is that lives can change in all those little moments. You don’t have to deliver a speech to 10 million people. You can work the counter at your local store or pump gas, be a stay-at-home mom or a salesman or a president… Whatever you choose to do, knowing your “why” changes everything. It doesn’t matter what you do — what matters is the intention with which you do it.

No matter where you are or who you are, everyday you have the power to choose to infuse your day with goodness — and to do so unaffected by your environment, your emotions, your ego, your swirling universe, your perfectionism. Let nothing get in the way of your “why”. Not even your own feelings and emotions. Feel everything. Feel it deeply and wholly. Then let it be. Be okay with sadness. Be okay with fear. Be okay with worry. Be okay with anger. It won’t stay unless you keep opening the door and letting it drag you around on it’s merry-go-round of useless energy. Nothing you “feel” will change anything. It’s what you “DO” that matters. If you can be okay with being afraid and know you have the power to not let it stop you from living your best and most valuable giving-happy-spreading life, then what do you have to fear? It doesn’t matter what’s around you when the Spirit and the will to infect other humans with your joy is animated inside you. The good news is that it is inside everyone. Joy is our nature. Peace is at our fingertips — if we sit down and listen.


People of different faiths have different perceptions of God and that is a beautiful thing. One commonality most would agree on is that God is a Spirit that permeates all things. For me, God is the magic that we cannot understand. He is every good thing and every seed of goodness we can find even in the bad things. God is waking up and knowing we are here to do one thing — to inspire and be inspired. Look at that word again — “InSpire” — In Spirit!

So the “what,” the “who,” the “how” and the “when” we can leave up to a bigger Force. We must surrender to the fact that we don’t have the power to control a lot of things. But we always have the power to change ourselves. We always have the choice to choose our WHY.

Whatever you do today, make your “why” greater than your ego. Make your “why” bigger than your fears. Make your “why” bigger than just you. Make it about bringing goodness back. Make it about smiling at someone who needs it. Make it about service. Make it less about being praised, accepted, or affirmed, and more about just being content that today you are your best self for the world. That today you know you matter. That you are important. You are special. You are living life on purpose. That you see yourself and others through eyes of compassion. That you stand up for goodness and are strong in the face of adversity. That you are flexible but not a pushover. That you were purposeful but not self-righteous. That you were free but not rebellious. That you make choices out of joy — not fear. That you choose kindness even when others choose otherwise. That you are courageous even when afraid. That you speak your truth. That you live your truth. That today nothing stops you from journeying with God, with goodness, with magic!. Nothing stops you from living with a sense of duty to create a little more good than there was yesterday. And that tomorrow, when everything fades and the dawn rises on a new world, you smile because you know you are a part of that great light holding the earth in the palm of His hand.